Last two men standing

It has never stop astounding me how often men do not step up to the plate and lead in their families or in their communities. As a Pastor, I constantly find myself needing to convince fathers and young men of the responsibility they have to those who they are called to love, serve and protect. Wife’s, daughters, and sisters feeling disconnected from those same men that should be a pillar of comfort and strength.

Could it be that our society has somehow striped men of their roles? Maybe, it’s the cycle of fatherless homes that cause the next generation of men to feel lost with no direction. Or can it be that old fashion sinful deprivation that has stolen their life and hope? Whatever it maybe, one thing is certain, we need more men to figure it out, and soon. We need more men that will lay down their pride and ego to work side by side in their marriages. We need more men to be present in the lives of their children.

Three years ago, I found my father for the first time. He was in a jail in Guadalajara, Mexico. My father was released from prison six months ago, and against the wishes of my mother and siblings, I choose to pursue a relationship with him. I knew my father had made his mistakes, I knew of his errors. Yet deep down I knew I had made the right decision. Ever since then my father has called me almost every week to talk about life, he talks to my wife and children, building a wonderful bond with them.

How does all this have anything to do with working out? Simple, men need to show up! This is my 3rd round of the I2H Fitness challenge. And I have seen men start but never end. It’s funny at first because none of us thought this challenge was going to be hard, “what can a room full of women teach me about working out”, we think to ourselves, only to fly face first to the wall that is called hard work! And one by one the men drop like flies.

However, one other man has chosen to take his health into his own hands. One other man has stuck with me the last three rounds. One other man has not backed down from the challenge. His name is Cory Johnson. I consider Cory my wingman. No matter how hard the workout is he sticks to it. No matter if he’s dragging himself in late he grinds it out! Cory works late nights so for him to come in at 6am like clockwork, is amazing. While others complain about the time, weather, work situation. One man understands the value of having a healthy body. His name Is Cory Johnson.

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